Renting a Boat? You'll Need a Buoy!

By Dave Burt posted 02-16-2023 11:42


Independent Market Solutions is proud to introduce our newest offering—Buoy!  

Buoy is a digital-based insurance solution that allows boat rentals and rental facilities to get insured in just a few clicks, whether you're in bed, at home, or out on the dock!  

Buoy is a usage-based boat renter and livery insurance policy that leverages native phone features through the Splash app to offer the coverage needed for each boat rental. The Splash app, as well as obtaining insurance through Buoy, aids in the compliance process with the new Florida Boater Safety Act of 2022 and allows boat rental facilities to rent their boats with peace of mind. 

How does it work? Liveries download the Splash app, set up their account, and register their boat(s). Splash allows livery owners to meet the insurance requirements set forth by Florida law for boat rentals. At the dock, renters sign up on the Splash app and search for the listed boat by the registration number to complete the check-in process on the day of their charter. Buoy partners with Splash so renters can use the app to complete the required pre-charter safety instructions, inspect the boat's condition, and purchase the necessary insurance. The livery owner then completes the check-out process with the renter when the boat is returned. 

Buoy will host a webinar at 12:00 p.m. ET on February 28, 2023. Click here to join the webinar. To learn more about IMS and Buoy, visit the IMS website.